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Bugle calls, album art and song list for each recording project released by the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps.

Bugle Calls

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Bugle CallDownload Link
Adjutant's Call01 Adjutant's Call.mp3
Assembly02 Assembly.mp3
Attention05 Attention V3.mp3
Band Call06 Band Call.mp3
Belay07 Belay.mp3
Call to Quarters09 Call to Quarters V2.mp3
Carry On10 Carry On.mp3
Church Call11 Church Call.mp3
Company Commander's Call12 Company Commander's Call.mp3
Double Time13 Double Time.mp3
Dress Parade14 Dress Parade.mp3
Drill Call15 Drill Call.mp3
Fire Call16 Fire Call.mp3
First Call17 First Call.mp3
First Call for Mess18 First Call for Mess.mp3
First Sergeant's Call19 First Sergeant's Call.mp3
General Quarters20 General Quarters.mp3
Guard Mounting21 Guard Mounting.mp3
Inspection22 Inspection.mp3
Liberty Call23 Liberty Call.mp3
Mail Call24 Mail Call.mp3
Mess Call25 Mess Call.mp3
Movie Call26 Movie Call.mp3
Officer's Call27 Officer's Call.mp3
Pay Call28 Pay Call.mp3
Police Call29 Police Call.mp3
Police Call29 Police Call.mp3
Recall30 Recall.mp3
Retreat31 Retreat.mp3
Reveille32 Revielle.mp3
School Call33 School Call.mp3
Secure34 Secure.mp3
Sick Call35 Sick Call.mp3
Taps37 Taps V2.mp3
Tattoo38 Tattoo.mp3
To Arms39 To Arms.mp3
To the Colors40 To The Color.mp3
Last Post41 Last Post.mp3
Morning Colors42 Morning Colors.mp3
Evening Colors43 Evening Colors.mp3



  1. American Salute
  2. Drum Solo
  3. Crown Imperial
  4. Man of La Mancha
  5. Variations on Yankee Doodle
  6. Drum Solo
  7. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  8. Salute to Satchmo
  9. Hallelujah Chorus
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Odyssey
  12. Variations on America
  13. Travelin' On
  14. Drum Solo
  15. I Believe
  16. The Marine's Hymn



  1. 'Sousa' medley
  2. Summon the heroes
  3. Chimes of liberty
  4. Coconut Champagne
  5. America the beautiful
  6. Selections from 'Les miserables'
  7. Dill Pickles
  8. Uncommon Valor
  9. Gabriel
  10. Let's take the long way around the world
  11. Ol' man river
  12. Fanfare from 'Silverado'
  13. Camino Real
  14. Friday's song
  15. 'Gloria' march
  16. Just a closer walk with thee
  17. God bless the USA
  18. Armed forces medley





  1. Thunder and Blazes
  2. Concord
  3. Amercians We
  4. Sing, Sing, Sing
  5. Fascinating Rhythm
  6. My Heart Will Go On
  7. Blowing off Steam
  8. Semper Fidelis
  9. Appalachian Spring
  10. March Creole
  11. New York, New York
  12. Backwoods Sideman
  13. Elks Parade
  14. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  15. The Stars and Stripes Forever




  1. We're Looking Good
  2. Ellis Island
  3. Esprit de Corps
  4. Center of Gravity
  5. Bugler's Holiday
  6. Con Te Partiro
  7. Too Darn Hot
  8. Do Tell
  9. Sweet Georgia Brown
  10. Black Jack
  11. Grace
  12. Regalito de Amor
  13. Festive Overture
  14. Summertime
  15. Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me
  16. Baiao
  17. Tuxedo Junction
  18. La Suerte de los Tontos






  1. Corpsman Up
  2. America (West Side Story)
  3. Rainforest
  4. Semper Fidelis
  5. For Once In My Life
  6. Caravan
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. Cripple Creek Breakdown
  9. Washington Post March
  10. Sheherazade
  11. Minuano
  12. Re-Invention
  13. Rock this Town
  14. Double Beat
  15. 4th Symphony in f Minor
  16. America the Beautiful






  1. King Cotton
  2. The Best of Bond  
  3. For the Color
  4. Gypsy Dance 
  5. Man of La Mancha  
  6. Rocky II (Disco)  
  7. You're Beautiful  
  8. Double Beat II  
  9. Corpsman Up
  10. Chester, A March  
  11. Beulah Witch
  12. Dueling Banjos
  13. Medley from Rent
  14. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 






  1. Americans We
  2. To Tame the Perilous Skies
  3. His Honor
  4. Feste Romane, Mvt. IV. The Epiphany
  5. Hymn of Acxiom
  6. Church Windows, Mvt. II. St. Michael the Archangel
  7. Nobel Men
  8. I Wish
  9. Scheherezade, Mvt. IV. Allegro non Troppo
  10. Journey
  11. Talking About the King
  12. Washington Post
  13. The Marine's Hymn


The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps